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Post by Crypton on Wed Oct 22, 2008 2:01 pm


Chewsters is a funny casual game, in which you need to destroy the aliens called Chewsters. Chewsters is a funny casual game, in which you need to make groups of three or more aliens of the same color to make them disappear. Help Captain Dan Cornflake to fight aliens and defend the Earth from their invasion!
Captain Dan Cornflake needs your help to fight off the Chewsters! These little aliens have come to invade Earth and chew through everything! Use Captain Dan`s Chewsterfighter to fight the invaders, shooting at them to make groups of the same color so that they disappear. Numerous bonuses help to destroy the Chewsters. Follow them from city to city until they`re driven away from Earth!


Final Drive: Fury

Step into the driver's seat of your own customizable concept car and put the pedal to the metal! In Final Drive: Fury you'll race high-speed, ultra-performance cars through incredibly detailed futuristic tracks. Power slides, high-flying jumps and - of course - taking 1st place earns you cash points to upgrade your ride. The end result: you'll look better and drive faster than all the rest. Final Drive: Fury - Where Style and Performance Count!


Mass effect galaxy map fix, working save and crack. No Black Screen


My Little Flufties
Jangan nangis aja, makan game ini, mama makan papamu!

My Little Flufties, the perfect interactive game for youngsters between the age of 4 years to 8 years old, will keep them occupied and engrossed for hours on end.

Product Features

* Colourful cartoon styled graphics
* 5 species/creatures to care for and all fully animated
* A fairy tale world that will captivate young minds
* 5 bonus games: Fish-o-matic, Hopscotch, Mole-o-matic,
Shoot-the balloons and Find the Tweet-Tweet
* Huge Replayabilty
* Rewards to keep young minds focused
* Statistics and help screens
* Calm and relaxing ambience, with 25 minutes of orchestral music
Instructions for crack:
1. After installing the game UNCHECK THE PLAY NOW BOX do not play game
2. Delete the game icon that was placed on your desktop.
3. Go to install folder ( normally C:\Program Files\Oberon Media\and what ever the games name is) and delete the file Launcher.exe
4. look for the game exe. in folder(Example say the game is My Little Flufties then you look for the MyLittleFlufties.exe}
5. right click on game exe. and select send to desktop(shortcut).
6. Now play game from the icon you just placed on the desktop


Desert Hawk
Air Combat game!

It is described as helicopter combat action against terrorists equipped with new monstrous weapons. Don’t expect free move; it’s a rather modernized version of old games, where the enemy’s units appear and attack and you have to move left or right to avoid their fire and answer. Some of you may find it boring; I think it has some fun. The graphics more than fair and system requirements minimal.


Last Samurai

>>> RULES <<<
- The aim of the Game is to find all Girls in each level.
- Use arrow keys to move your Samurai.
- Hit "Esc" during the game to return to main menu.


Green Valley: Fun on the Farm
Casual game for girls !

Turn Uncle Billy Bug`s fallow farm into a prodigious plantation! Select produce in meandering rows of three or more to box them up and send them to market. Build rows through special items to score big bonuses and shear a few sheep for some extra cash. The pastoral party never ends matching produce down on Beetle Bug's family farm!
Green Valley: Fun on the Farm Features:
• Adorable characters.
• Exciting enchancements and upgrades!
• Hours of Match 3 mania!

No pass

My Pet Store
Fun Game

Pack your computer full of furry friends and run the pet store of your dreams. Choose from different types of animals to take care of and create your own paradise for pets. Choose from puppies to parrots, monkeys to cats - each have their own fun ways to play. Become the best shopkeeper with the happiest animals in town

* Run your very own pet store
* Have fun playing with each animal in their own way
* Customize the store with unique upgrades
* Have fun naming your pets and your store
* Play with and take care of up to 6 types of pets
o Dogs, Cats, Parrots,Monkeys, Hamsters, Iguanas

No Pass

Movie Theater Madness
Dash Game – be Happy, be Crazy !

Think you have what it takes to run a successful movie theater? Test your skills in the movie industry by turning old run down theaters into profitable movie houses. Hire employees, invest in concessions and renovations to attract customers. Make money and move through MovieVille working in bigger and better theaters.

* Fast paced action!
* Color comboing fun at its best!
* Purchase and upgrade a variety of stations!
* 5 unlockable mini games inside the arcade!
* 50 levels and 5 fun theaters to play!
* Low Specifications!


The Witcher Enhanced Edition-SKIDROW - CRACK ONLY

Copy file "witcher" from Crack folder to sub folder , default path
C:\Program Files\The Witcher Enhanced Edition\System


:mrgreen: The Witcher v1.2 [MULTI5] No-CDFixed ImageEasy Starter

Play Instructions:
* Install the game - Full Installation.
* Apply the official The Witcher v1.2 Patch.
* Copy Launcher Folder; Register Folder; Launcher exe; and register exe
to the game directory - Overwriting existing files>Yes to all>Ok.
* Mount the NS-TW_SS-POSEDEN.MDS mini-image in DAEMON Tools Lite v4.30.1 (included)
* Play the Game!

No pass


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